Boston has a deep and vibrant community of artists and theater professionals who live with Deafness and with Disabilities, and yet the opportunities for them to have their perspectives shared on stage, and for them to participate in productions both on and off the stage are sorely lacking. Moonbox is excited to be taking this first step of a long term company initiative to “turn the tide” on this situation both within our own company but also with the aim of leading by example for theater companies throughout Boston.

We kick off this new initiative with a TWO NIGHT ONLY show featuring original works created and performed by local Deaf and Disabled actors!

Co-Directed by Elbert Joseph and Betsy S. Goldman, and featuring performances by Norma Aldana, Bekah Jordan, Elbert Joseph, Rhys McGovern and Denice Stewart

Lighting Design by Abigail Wang. Sound Design by Will Davis