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“Moonbox Productions has a knack for capturing the soul of diverse modern classics.  The best local revival of this Oscar Wilde gem in many years.” - Jules Becker

“What better place to find some sparkle than Moonbox Productions! Allison Olivia Choat directs Earnest with flair… Moonbox’s Earnest is as bubbly as champagne and just about as gleefully intoxicating.” Killian Melloy

“The Importance of Being Earnest” is a welcome addition to the local theater scene indeed …performed by a flawlessly crusted cast (upper as well as lower), this is another feather in this company’s cap….. One couldn’t ask for a more enjoyable version of a classic like this.  … this production is a gem.” - Jack Craib, South Shore Critic

“I am pleased to report, now that I have stopped laughing and applauding with delight, that the powers that be at Moonbox have roasted this particular chestnut to perfection.  This production is savory and delicious.  It is, in point of fact, the finest production of this play I have ever seen.  It is perfection.”White Rhino Report    

“I’m still giggling  - Wilde’s incomparable comedy of manners is exquisitely staged by Allison Olivia Choat, with a jewel of a (convertible) Victorian set by John Paul Devlin and a Lady Bracknell of infinite pleasure.  Moonbox masters that arch, stylized tone to a (I can not resist) “tea.”  If you love the play, don’t miss Moonbox’s gem of a production. If you’ve (gasp) never seen EARNEST, now is the time.  - Beverly Creasey