DON AUCOIN - THE BOSTON GLOBE - "Delectably funny staging… consistently enjoyable… If the master were alive to see this “39 Steps,’’ he just might summon his version of a smile

AL CHASE - WHITE RHINO REPORT  --  "Well written, cleverly directed, and flawlessly acted"

NANCY GROSSMAN - BROADWAY WORLD  --  "Moonbox has made its mark on the Boston                                                                                                                                                                theater scene" 

JOHNNY MONSARRAT - EVENTS INSIDER  --  "Silly and laugh-out-loud hilarious"

RICH FAHEY - ON BOSTON STAGES  --  "An exhilarating theatrical experience"

JACK CRAIB - SOUTH SHORE CRITIC  -- "Insidiously clever, funny and literate…a fool-proof spoof." 

SUSAN MULFORD - BOSTON AND BEYOND  --  "A fast, far-flung, frenzied, farce filled with                                                                                                                nonstop, hilarious humor. "