Moonbox Productions' ShadowBox program provides real-world theater production experience for students and early-career artists – our “ShadowBoxers” – by pairing them with professional directors, designers, technicians, and administrators over the course of a production. The program provides ShadowBoxers with valuable experiences, skills, and knowledge – but most importantly, its focus is on fostering feelings of confidence and accomplishment, and enabling them to enjoy a learning process characterized by a collaborative spirit and built on mutual respect.

The program focuses on four key components: "CLIC"

Connection: Fostering educational partnerships focused on mutual respect, learning, and growth; helping students broaden their social circles and build connections to a broader community.

Learning: Teaching participants new and valuable skills.

Innovation: Encouraging participants to bring their own skills and ideas to the table; welcoming initiative and independent thought.

Collaboration: Demonstrating the key role of collaboration and communication in the artistic process.