Moonbox is dedicated to producing top quality theater using local talent, and to serving and strengthening our community through non profit partnerships and community outreach.


Boston is a town that harbors some of the most talented performers, designers, technicians and managers in the country, and Moonbox is proud and honored to staff our shows with talented professionals living and working right here in the greater Boston area.  We believe in fostering a friendly and collaborative work environment with the primary goal of providing engrossing, entertaining and meaningful theater experiences for our audiences.  We also believe it is our responsibility to do what we can to make positive change in the lives of those around us, and seek to do this through the programs coordinated by our Community Outreach Initiative:

             * Non Profit Partnerships:  For every Moonbox show, we partner with a local non profit doing important work in our community.  By including them in our marketing efforts, and giving them a presence in front of each of our audiences, Moonbox strives to increase their visibility and help them build connections with individuals in the community in order to increase the reach and impact of their work.

             * Moonbox Mentorship Program:  Moonbox strives to provide educational and inspiring experiences to teens and young adults in the Boston area.  We provide opportunities for these young people to work side by side with members of our design and production teams to give them hands on experience in arts and sciences as they are applied in the field of live theater.

             * Moonbox U.:  Moonbox provides affordable continuing education for Boston area performers.  Past sessions have included: audition prep and performance, vocal skills, dialect and gesture, yoga for actors, stage and combat safety, and many more!