Do not miss this show!  I am going back to see it a second time!  Four out of five doctors recommend that you see this show to shake off the post-Black Friday Blues! -- White Rhino Report

How many times do you go to a play and laugh out loud, pretty much throughout? Not many, which is why "The Musical of Musicals: The Musical!" is a must-see for anyone who's ever been a fan of musical theater. In the songwriting vein of Monty Python's spoof The Rutles, "The Musical of Musicals" is a loving and hilarious send up of five popular Broadway composers and songwriting teams. - Events Insiders

All one can say, properly precise pluperfect punctuation in place, is: Five musicals for the price of one! Tons of puns and fun! Five out of five exclamation points!!!!!-- South Shore Critic

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