“Under the wondrous Direction of Allison Olivia Choat, this cast takes us along for this increasingly zany yet hilariously lunatic ride…This is about as black as humor gets, and the magicians at Moonbox manage to pull it off just about as colorfully as one could hope for.”  - Jack Craib, South Shore Critic

“Moonbox Productions' terrific staging of Pulitzer Prize-winning South Boston native David Lindsay-Abaire's 2000 work, Kimberly Akimbo, is a wickedly dark comedy that features characters right out of a Jerry Springer episode. This is a great take for lovers of dark comedy. See it.” – Mike Hoban, Events Insider

“[Director Allison Olivia] Choat deserves credit for being able to visualize a way to transfer Lindsay-Abaire's words from page to stage and humanize this strange group of characters, while mining both the humor and the pathos. The quality of the play depends heavily on the credibility of the actor playing Kimberly…Thomas makes it look easy, but Kimberly Akimbo works because of five excellent performances that make us laugh and touch our hearts.”  - Broadway World

“For those who want a laugh-a-minute dark comedy about how we live our lives and the adventures that we dare to have when faced with death, see Moonbox Productions' KIMBERLY AKIMBO!” – Arts Impulse

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