November 25- December 17

At the Boston Center for the Arts Plaza Theatre


"Breathe in the extraordinary artistry of Matthew Zahnzinger in the pivotal role of Antonio Salieri, rival and bête noire to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart." 
- White Rhino Report, Al Chase

"Sloan, as Mozart, is so likeable, so cute, so refreshingly in the moment that even when he is being alarmingly irrepressible you can’t help but root for him."
- Theatre Mirror, Michael Hoban

"Matthew Zahnzinger owns the spotlight as Salieri. His transformation from a fragile, old man in a wheelchair at the start of the show to the celebrated and respected court composer in the flashbacks is seamless."
- Broadway World, Nancy Grossman

Produced by Sharman Altshuler and directed by Allison Olivia Choat, Amadeus is an extraordinary meditation on art, love and the human condition.  The year is 1781, and the place is Vienna.  Joseph II is Emperor of Austria, and Vienna's world of music is ruled by the precise and pedantic composer Antonio Salieri.  Then the famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arrives, throwing Salieri's predictable court life into chaos.  At first, Mozart's genius fills Salieri with awe, but that awe quickly turns to a poisonous jealousy.  Salieri must decide how far he will go to protect the world he has created, and to destroy the man who is a constant reminder of the artist he will never be.

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Meet the Cast

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