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THIS FALL Alfred Hitchcock and Monty Python collide in the hilarious, madcap spy-melodrama-turned-comedy, The 39 Steps.  Produced by Sharman Altshuler and directed by IRNE and Norton nominated Director, Allison Olivia Choat, The 39 Steps opens on November 17th and runs through December 9th at the Boston Center for the Arts Plaza Theater. 

Richard Hannay is just an ordinary man living a quiet life… until he meets Anabella Schmidt, a beautiful woman with a mysterious past.  When Annabella is murdered in his apartment, Richard becomes the target of both a nationwide manhunt and a nefarious ring of spies.  Meet a cast of more than 150 characters (played by just four actors), witness a series of death-defying leaps (all from short distances), and behold a myriad of dazzling special effects (on a limited budget) in this unforgettable tale that makes both adventure and romance more absurdly enjoyable than ever before.